ACS Martial Arts

Our instructors carry enhanced DBS and first aid certification.

Our B.E.S.T initiative also offers additional support for junior students outside the training school environment.


So, what is jujitsu, or ju-jutsu, jui-jitsu or any of the other variant spellings used as a title for this Japanese martial art? Well for one it's a martial art, a comprehensive one at that, encompassing all the defence and fighting ranges one would expect to find in a combat system honed on the battlefields of feudal Japan.

Where some martial arts specialise in one or two areas, jujitsu practitioners in general use a wide arsenal of defensive techniques:

These techniques form a basic grounding for a syllabus used for grade advancement and general practice. Unlike some more traditional jujitsu schools or styles ACS Martial Arts ju-jitsu classes also include sparring essential skills for our orange belt syllabus and competition use should you wish to go down that route.

Although strictly an un-armed martial arts training sometimes extends to weapon use in particular eskrima sticks and knife awareness.

If you've never tried a martial art before then jujitsu is a good starting point as it will expose you to many of the martial skills you'll need to learn, then if you decide it's not for you and you'd like to concentrate more on stand up striking and kicking you'll be better prepared when you move on to have a go at one of the other arts like Karate or Thai Boxing.

If you come from a judo background and you want to try jujitsu then you'll find it very easy because Jigoro Kano, judo's creator was an accomplished jujitsu practitioner. Likewise Aikido students might find the physical striking and contact elements of jujitsu a little hard at first but once acclimatised you should have no problem.

Please note however that the style of jujitsu practiced by ACS Martial Arts features more of a traditional 'stand up' style, if you have an interest in specialist ground fighting or you practice MMA and want to up your game with additional ground skills then we are not the club for you.

Although we occasionally have Brazilian Jujitsu students visiting us to hold special sessions you'll need to find yourself a dedicated MMA gym or a Brazilian Jujitsu school if you want to get serious about your ground fighting skills.